Videos of Kaylee at 1 year old

Kaylee plays with her baby-doll and points out body parts she knows. (16 months)

Kaylee sings Elmo's Song! (14 months)



Video of Kaylee at 11 Months

Kaylee at the park

Kaylee at gymnastics class

Kaylee playing with the telephone



Video of Kaylee at 10 Months

Kaylee can walk! (audio in this video was really off so I added music)


Video of Kaylee at 9 months...

Kaylee is learning to walk!


Video of Kaylee at 7 months...

Kaylee plays on the swing with her daddy.



Video of Kaylee at 6 months...

Kaylee learned to walk while holding onto objects!



Video of Kaylee at 5 months...

Kaylee learned to crawl at 5 1/2 months. Watch her go!

Kaylee is quite a talker! She loves to babble at anybody who will listen!

Kaylee does her very best zombie impression. So cute! 


Video of Kaylee at 4 months...

Kaylee has music class once a week at McPhail, she
really like the class, mostly because she likes being around
other babies. This video was shot during class by Kaylee's
grandpa and edited together by Kaylee's mom.


Videos of Kaylee at 3 months...

By 3 months Kaylee loved to play! She loves playing in her ExerSaucer most of all, but
she also loves laying on her back and playing with toys or with mommy and daddy. She
also has developed into quite a talker by this age, which these videos don't do justice to,
but you get the idea...


Video of Kaylee at 11 weeks old...

Kaylee had recently larned basic control of her hands
and so playing with her toy piano was facinating to her.


Videos of Kaylee at 3 weeks old...

Around 3 weeks Kaylee really started to coo and laugh and smile more. Isn't she so cute!